Monday, September 7, 2009

A World Without Walls

At first glance, there is nothing out of the ordinary that can be seen
in the picture attached to this blog post. Yes, it is merely a
picture of a field, the sky, and the open road. More detail, however,
brings to light the impressive nature of this picture (and blog
post). The "cool factor" can be found in the way in which it is
shared. As I write this blog post, I am riding in a car somewhere in
Arkansas, yet I am able to share an image of what I am viewing outside
of my car window with anyone who so chooses to read my blog on the
world wide web. And just think, one of my blog followers may be
viewing my blog via a handheld device - also riding in a car in a
rural area. Oh, what does this say about the world in which we live,
the communication tools available to us, and the impact it will
continue to have on our lives. Think also how this can change
education. Classrooms without walls are continually being redefined.
That said, perhaps my following comment could go without saying, but
for those who have any doubt about the situation, let me make this
clear: I love my iPhone.